Jean-Christophe Babin’s Plans to Take Bulgari to the Next Level

Jean-Christophe Babin's Plans to Take Bulgari to the Next Level

Bold Moves: Bulgari Rocks Geneva Watch Days

So, at the recent shindig called Geneva Watch Days, Bulgari dropped the mic with two ultra-thin wonders: an automatic stunner and a never-ending calendar beauty. What makes these tickers pop? Well, they’re rocking a cool combo of matte finish carbon and flashy gold vibes.

Now, Bulgari didn’t stop there. They brought the secret sauce with some undercover watches. First, we got the Serpenti Misteriosi—white gold bling-ed up with diamonds. And, hold up, there’s a rose gold version too, with black lacquer and more diamonds. Oh, and these watches are packing the Piccolissimo Calibre BVL 100, basically the tiniest mechanical movement in the game.

Then there’s the Monete Catene crew, offering a pick between a classy solo face or a two-faced Dual Time hottie. The special sauce here? Precious antique coins living inside the watch case. Bulgari, known for its watch game and craftsmanship, is straight-up killing it with these jaw-dropping creations.

At the September bash, GMT Magazine had a chat with the big cheese at Bulgari, Jean-Christophe Babin, to get the lowdown on what’s next.

A Heritage of Being Bold: Bulgari’s DNA Unwrapped

Being bold is in Bulgari’s DNA since it kicked off in 1884. Picture this: Sotirio Bulgari, the dude who started it all, a Greek who set up shop in Rome. His wild idea? Selling bling directly to the folks, skipping the middlemen.

Now, Jean-Christophe Babin, the head honcho at Bulgari, spills the tea on what’s happening in the fancy stuff scene, going beyond just watches.

Beyond Trends: Bulgari’s Take on Living the Luxe Life

Spotting trends is like second nature, right? And with Covid stirring things up, there’s a shift. People are making fewer but boujee purchases. They want the real deal—authenticity, top-notch craft, quality, stuff that lasts, and brands that stand for something. Bulgari’s got the upper hand because everything they whip up screams rare and valuable. We all know gems are like gold—rare, and, well, gold is a safe bet. That’s Bulgari’s vibe.

Also, the watch scene is splitting into two. There’s the rise of cool new brands that aren’t big names but are snagging awards left and right. At Geneva Watch Days, two-thirds of the 40 brands flying under the radar bagged 60 awards, including two big shots—the Aiguille d’Or prizes. Swiss watchmaking is doing its thing, but it needs to team up with these new players for real growth.

Babin’s vision for Bulgari isn’t just about making dope watches. It’s about navigating the fancy world of luxury, shaking up the game with new ideas, and keeping it classy and timeless. The Bulgari way.