Self-Care Tips: Eliminate Blackheads on Your Nose

Blackheads on your nose

Maintaining your skin’s health doesn’t have to entail costly treatments or visits to beauty salons. You can establish your own skincare regimen at home, which includes effectively addressing those troublesome blackheads on your nose.

Desty Yufenti, a popular YouTuber boasting 1.29 million subscribers, shares her DIY beauty routine that replicates the spa experience from the comfort of your home.

She stresses the importance of tackling blackheads on your nose when taking care of your facial skin.

Initiate with a Fresh Start

Desty Yufenti commences her beauty routine with a straightforward step: cleansing her face using a mild facial cleanser.

“Okay, let’s now proceed to our facial skin. Our facial skin requires some pampering too. We’ll begin by cleansing our face with a facial cleanser,” states Desty Yufenti in a video she published on September 29, 2023.

Time to Address Those Blackheads

If your facial skin tends to develop blackheads, you don’t need to rush to the salon for extraction. With some practice, you can provide special attention to your nose.

“Take a look at my nose; it’s adorned with numerous blackheads and feels somewhat rough,” notes Desty.

She utilizes a braily blackhead mask, designed explicitly for combating blackheads on the skin.

“So, apply the mask to your nose and its adjacent areas, similar to applying nail polish,” she recommends.

Following that, affix a piece of paper onto your nose. “To optimize the results, I prefer employing two layers,” she adds.

“I apply an additional coat of the mask onto the paper, like this, and then adhere it to my nose.”

“As a result, we now have two layers. All right, at this point, we just need to wait for approximately 5 minutes,” she explains.

Once the mask has dried after 5 minutes, carefully peel it off. “Okay, to be candid, this step can be somewhat uncomfortable, akin to tiny pinches. Nonetheless, it effectively extracts the blackheads,” she divulges.


“Suppressing the urge to tear up. VoilĂ ! Here they are. Observe, see? Impressive! Now, I’ll rinse my nose with clean water. Consequently, my nose is devoid of blackheads and feels remarkably smooth, akin to a baby’s skin,” she concludes.

Nurturing your skin can be a simple yet gratifying undertaking, and there’s no need to constantly depend on costly salon treatments. By adhering to a consistent routine and utilizing appropriate products, you can attain healthy and radiant skin right in the comfort of your home.